Cartier – Emperor of the jeweler, jeweler of the emperor

Cartier jewelry replica as early as the beginning of the establishment of the royal family and has established close ties. Countess Nieuwerkeke became Cartier’s client in 1855. Her husband was the art director of Napoleon III and a close friend of Napoleon’s young cousin, Princess Mathilde.

A year later, Princess Mathilde personally visited the Cartier jewelry company headquarters. Since then, Cartier’s works began to cross borders, in the royal aristocracy in the prominent.

In 1904, Edward VII appointed cheap Cartier jewelry supplier for the British royal family. Since then, Cartier began to fame.

The British royal family in Cartier custom made a total of 27 crowns. Princess Kate ‘s wedding was worn by the British Queen Elizabeth II to her, the crown called Halo, which is 1936 Queen Elizabeth 18 – year – old birthday present, designed by the Cartier Love jewelry replica company. Cartier jewelry in the course of development, has been with the royal family of nobles and celebrities to maintain a close relationship and close contacts.

In addition to the crown, fake Cartier jewelry also popular royal favor. Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom had to wear Williamson pink diamond Cartier bouquet brooch. The Duchess of Windsor wore a Flamingo brooch designed by Cartier in 1940.

Williamson pink diamond powder drilling brooch decorated with a Tanzania 23.6 karats of pink diamond, is the world’s best quality pink diamond, the Canadian geologist Dr.JT.Williamson in 1947 when presented to the Queen’s wedding gift. Then in 1953, when the Cartier love bracelet replica company with 200 small diamonds with this powder drill made of the brooch.

In fact, with the royal family forged a profound friendship is the senior Cartier jewelry products by the royal staff like, as well as Cartier jewelry replica of high quality and unique design style, can bring majesty to the royal family.


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