Followed by the year is approaching, we hand tight, and the third is the market trend is not clear @

118.28 kt oval flawless white diamond sold for a record price of HK $ 239 million in Hong Kong; the Ming Yongle gilt copper Buddha statue to HK $ 236 million deal, also hit a new record auction of Chinese sculpture in the world; Zeng 2001 creation of the painting “the last supper” went for HK $ 180 million; pattern replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Chenghua palace bowl blue and White okra sold HK $ 141 million; Huang Zhou’s Chinese painting “jubilant prairie” in Beijing sold for 128.8 million yuan …… Looking at the fall art auction market, described as “flourishing” hot yuan.


“The overall market this year is better than last year, is expected to show next year will be better and better!” The industry believes that, although this fall art auction market expectations that were replica Van Cleef clover necklace not ideal, but already showing “warmer” trend billion auction goods It is the signal appears.


Price High Low overall “not as good as Autumn Spring”


Compared to the spring auction, “one hundred million yuan absence” is concerned, this replica Van Cleef jewelry year’s autumn auction, the emergence of more than one billion auction goods. Although billion auction goods after another, but the industry has generally agreed that “Autumn is better spring.”


“This year’s autumn auction market is not satisfactory, or even can be said to be quite poor performance of the season.” President Guangzhou art trade associations Dan Jinzhu frankly, autumn auction of “stuff” rather than spring auction, with buyers chase sell mentality, affecting the transaction. “First, the market imitation Cartier jewelry is not ‘good stuff’, followed by the year is approaching, we hand tight, and the third is the market trend is not clear.”


General manager of Guangdong Chongzheng Auction Co., Ltd. Xu Xiwen told reporters that autumn Chongzheng beat transcript is not ideal. It is understood that this year’s autumn auction Guangdong Chongzheng spring auction has shrunk compared with 70 million yuan. “Nevertheless, in general, in 2013 the stock market better than in 2012. I believe Van Cleef & Arpels Knockoff jewelry trend to continue for the better!” Xu Xiwen said.


“With the 2013 autumn auction draws to a close, the Chinese art market process will end the year Throughout 2013, there are three hot words can portray a big market situation: First, the market confidence to return; the second is a new funding approach;. the third is international. “Vice President of the Chinese art Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry replicas market research, Ministry of culture market development Center researcher Mu West believes that with the further development of market confidence continued to gather and return to the process of internationalization of capital has become a new approach art market, auction market, especially major points: “I estimate, in 2013 the Chinese art auction market turnover of large-scale appointment breakthrough 70 billion yuan (including private negotiation), total turnover of Chinese art market will there is moderate growth, the approximate reach 380 billion yuan. ”


Multiple hot new funding approach increases


West Mu said: “From the beginning to the end of the year, market confidence has gradually been improved due to rising concern about the size and the overall development of the Van Cleef replica earrings art market, the popularity will get some accumulation and enhance the popularity of the promotion, which means funding approach. there will be a certain level of growth, especially in new funding approach is a major attraction. in addition, the auction market has undergone structural changes, first hot diversification, decentralization, followed by the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy section volume proportion rapid promotion. ”


“Wu Guanzhong’s” Suzhou Garden “sold for 9.2 million yuan won the first prize Honor winter shoot; Zhang Daqian’s” Tyurin Wen Tong “sold 7.475 million yuan, becoming the ‘Chinese calligraphy’ special second highest; we rely less Lingnan it’s “fugue hundred thousand” sold for 3,967,500 yuan …… “Sun Hui, vice Cartier replica jewelry president of Huayi international auctions performance recognition of West Mu views:” throughout the development of the art auction market, the status of traditional painting and calligraphy section has been to further enhance and consolidate, especially in modern painting performance more prominent. ”


Sun Hui analysis: “First of all, master of modern painting, famous in the history of art are usually ‘final judgment’; second, a moderate amount of surviving authentic works, the smaller the market ups and downs, painting price stability, low investment risk, resilience strong liquidity and strong; third, the replica Cartier love jewelry market is mature, stable buyer, this is the biggest advantage of modern painting collection of investment compared with other categories. ”


Meanwhile, as the West Mu said, an overview of the whole year, the art auction market, especially in the autumn auction market is a “flourishing” hot yuan. Different plates, different Cartier jewelry replica categories have hot collection, both paintings and other traditional art hot plate, there are oil paintings and sculptures and other contemporary art hot plate, both craft art hot spots, there are miscellaneous antiques, rubbings, rare books and other hot spots . It can be said hot spots “diversity” has become the main tone.


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